DryBunks™ protect electronics and bunks from drips, drops, and dribbles  

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Smart Solution for an Extremely Annoying Problem

DryBunks™ catch the small porthole drips that endanger
electronics and land on your bunk
s ... or heaven forbid ... on
guest berth

The drips come from
frame condensation or gasket dribbles
when ports are opened. You get frustrated when these little
drips accumulate and spoil life afloat during an otherwise
perfect weekend or outing.

DryBunks™ are traps made from the tou
gh lightweight plastic
used for airplane cabin trim. They
easily attach under the
ports. Installation is quick with
included self-adhesive tape.
Then all you do is monitor drip buildup, wipe out any
accumulated water, and enjoy uninterrupted sleep.
• This DryBunk™ is mounted on a green board to show the
of how they attach.

• They are wide enough to
provide easy access to latches
and dogs, with plenty of space to wipe out any collected
DryBunks™ come in 2 sizes, which fit rectangular, rounded end, and oval portlights.
• Made from white Boltaron to
blend with cabin sides
• Weigh 2.5 oz with attached VHB adhesive tape
Work for vertical and angled portlights and only stick out 3"
• LARGE size
for ports up to 18" across [$36] and SMALL fits ports up to 15" across [$26]
NOW IN STOCK but not yet in our online Store
Please call
941.448.9173 or email to order