PanelVisor™ protects engine panels from sun, knocks & water

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These PanelVisors™ are custom designed to fit specific instrument panels using existing holes (with enclosed
hardware). They're made of clear Lexan XL102-UV, with UV protective coating on both sides. Tachometer and
indicator lights are easily visible, with access to controls and switches.

► Yanmar has 5 different "B" engine control panels, so check that your panel looks like the ones pictured.◄
Yanmar engine panel B-Digital - PanelVisor YM-BD
Yanmar Old-B PanelVisor —
for panels 10.875" x 5.25"
Yanmar engine panel Old-B, PanelVisor YM-OB
Yanmar PanelVisors™ have NO additional shipping fee (to US or international) if ordered with PortVisors™.
When ordered separately, S & H is $7 US, $25 Canada, $35 all other countries. (Priority Mail)
Thank you to everyone who called and sent emails to vote for their favorite engine panel.
Your votes are why we designed the Yanmar panels and switched to the new Multi-Panel style.
Yanmar B-Digital PanelVisor — $25
for panels 7" x 5.5"
Yanmar Engine Panels
Visor for engine panel up to 8.5
MP-8.7 fits panels up to
8.7" x 6.5"
You begged. We listened. A Multi-Panel shield fits several size panels.
Everything for installation is provided except the drill — stainless
hardware, positioning tape, and even the drill bit.
S & H via Priority Mail is $7 US, $25 Canada, $35 all other countries.
After scores of requests asking, "Please make a PanelVisor for
my panel,
" we designed the new MP PanelVisor. This multi-panel
Visor fits
any instrument panel up to 8.7" W x 6.5" H.

The clear cover protects control panels against sun, rain, wash
downs, and clumsy kicks. (It's made here in Florida, from tough
UV-resistant Lexan with a StarBoard frame and marine-grade
fittings.) To provide maximum access to keys and controls, the
friction hinges hold at any angle.
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Model MP-12 is currently in development. It is an extended version
and will fit panels up to 12" W x 6.5" H.